1/48 Monogram F-16A

Gallery Article by Stephen Chapis on July 4 2002

  United States of America Independence Day


Here's my 1/48 Monogram F-16A Fighting Falcon.  This is how the Prototype F-16 72-01567 appeared on Roll-Out at the Fort Worth plant on 13DEC73.  I added a Black Box F-16A cockpit that itself was modified to look like the prototype cockpit.  The kit came with a crude SIIIS ejection seat, I replaced it with a True Details ESCAPAC seat.  The SIIIS was used at times in the prototypes and FSD aircraft but I have photos of 01567 equipped with the ESCAPAC on 13DEC73.  


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The only other mod was replacing the kit exhaust can with a can from a Hasegawa F-16A.  Decals are a mixture of kit decals and SuperScale decals. 

This is the 27th 1/48th F-16 I've built, the other 26 will soon be seen on ARC.

Stephen Chapis


Photos and text by Stephen Chapis