1/72 Revell Lockheed P2 V-7 Neptune

Gallery Article by Victor Muller


Here are some pictures of my recently finished Lockheed P2 V-7 Neptune in 1/72 scale (Revell). This was not an easy kit to built (at least not for me), a lot of sanding and puttying had to be done to fill all the gaps (I have a strong feeling that the two fuselage halves depict two different planes;), but all in all it worked out well enough for me. 


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I have scratchbuilt a lot of details: the whole interior which is now almost completely invisible, the cockpit needed extra details like instrument panels, control sticks, seatbelts, and extra rail was attached to the inside of the canopy, the front seat in the nose was also detailed with MAD equipment (used to track down submarines, visible in the side window).

I also decided to scratchbuilt the flaps (this was no option in the kit).  The flaps are painted red, together with the blue and white paint scheme this made a great combination.

I have tinted the canopy's and windows with Tamiya clear blue. I have used the kit decals which are excellent, you can choose between U.S. and Dutch decals, me being Dutch I didn't have to think hard about that choice.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with this model. Hope you all enjoy my Neptune.

Victor Muller

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Photos and text by Victor Muller