Junkers Ju-87Z Stuka

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German forces attempting to force the British from Greece were dealt a severe blow by the appearance of Spitfires and Beauforts of floats. To counter these mobile based aircraft, the Germans attempted to modify several of their existing fighters. The Bf-109E (Z) variant, known as Rudolf, was dangerously unstable, but the Stuka took to water like a duck. 


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The reduction in airspeed made aiming bombs all that much easier, but the struts eliminated the centerline bomb rack. The ingenious engineers at Fiesler created electrically operated bombay doors in the floats themselves,  allowing the carriage of two 150 kg bombs internally. 

Unfortunately, these electrical devices often shorted out when immersed in salt water, causing the bombay doors to open spontaneously. Most JU-87 Zs were lost while anchored, sinking themselves.

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