First People's Democratic Republic of Haida Gwaii

Self Defence Force Fighter

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After the breakup of Canada in the 1960's, British Columbia decided to go independent. this didn't sit well with the population of Vancouver Island, and by revoking the articles of Confederation, reverted to a crown colony of Britain. 


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Since the majority of industry on the island was logging and mining, the government decided to expand it as fast as possible, but environmentalists were strongly opposed. However, they wound up being deported to the Queen Charlotte Islands, further up the coast of British Columbia.

Adopting the lifestyle of the local natives, the displaced environmentalists soon renamed the islands "The First People's Democratic Republic of Haida Gwaii". Inevitably, there was an influx of "advisors" from Libya, China, North Korea, and Cuba, and several decrepit SU-22s of indeterminate origin arrived in 1978. Adopted by local communes, they were painted in enviro-friendly water colours, so as to avoid pollution from oil-based paints. The appearance of the planes was soon even more bedraggled than they had originally appeared in.  

Waging a guerilla war along the coast against the logging companies, the FPDRHG forces also have been known to attack freighters carrying lumber to Japan. It is in these long range attacks that the SU-22s have encountered the Tornado F.3s of the RVIAF (Royal Vancouver Island Air Force) or even the occasional F-14 of the Alaskan Air National Guard. There have been no victories for the SU-22s.

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