Victory Aircraft B-17M

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During the early stages of WW II, Victory Aircraft of Canada looked a several large bombers to build for the war effort. The B-24 and Avro Lancaster were considered, as was re-engining the B-17 with Merlin engines.  Eventually, the Lancaster was chosen as the plane to build, but one B-17M was built as a proof-of-concept vehicle. This odd one off was eventually given to 469 Squadron as an executive transport. 


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Post-war, the plane was eventually converted to meteorlogical observation capability, and operated by Maritime Air Command into the mid 1950s. Being a cross between the Flying Fortress and the Lancaster, some witty boffin landed the name Fort-Caster upon it, with it subsequently being called the Weather Fort-Caster in it's Met flight role. 

Sold off in the early 1960s to Bolivian sheep farmers, it was destroyed in 1969 outside of Lubbock Texas in an unexplained forced landing.

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