USAF 8 Ball B-4 "Stealth Bomber"

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Citing the maximum stealth requirements as a replacement for the creaky B-3 "Bingo" bomber, the US government awarded the contract to  B-Mac-Lock-Mart-Gru-Throp in 2044. 


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Utilising split vector surface enveloping boundary layer lift devices, the B-4 was able to eliminate all external protrubances  such as wings. Having the exact same signature, regardless of it's orientation, the B-4 would be able to fool conventional detection systems right down to a range of 18 inches. 

Head-on photo....notice cockpit windows.

The B-4 proved to be a truly invisible airplane, leading to most of the mid-air collisions in the decade 2051-61. The vast majority of the B-4s 133 out of 211, were destroyed during a light breeze at Holloman AFB, when they all tipped over and began rolling about in a frantic and pyrotechnic version of pinball!

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