1/72 Revell F-16 MLU

Gallery Article by Andreas Dollinger


This is a F-16 MLU from the 31. Squadron Belgian Airforce at Kleine Brogel (Belgium). It was built from the new Revell F-16 MLU Kit, which is in my eyes the finest Viper-Kit in 1/72 scale available today.


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The Kit was built almost straight out of the box, with only the ejection seat being changed with a True-Details Resin-Seat. The were no problems building the kit, all pieces were excellent with the exception of the Air-Intake.  I found the air intake area to be difficult and would require filler if you didn't get it just right during the assembly process.

The Fighter is armed with two AIM-120 Amraam on the wing-tips, two AIM-9L Sidewinders under the wings and one 1,136 litre tank. One bad thing about this kit is that there are no offensive ground-weapons like MK.82's or GBU´s included in the kit.

The fighter was colored complete with Humbrol-Paints applied with my Airbrush. Later I weathered it with WATER-COLORS (YES!).  Water-colors are much cheaper than oil, much more forgiving to use: only take a wet toilette-paper and wipe over the model, to remove the wash so you can try it again and again and again....

After weathering, the model was finished with a clear coat from the hobby-shop.

The pictures where taken with an Fuji MX-2900Z digital camera.

Andreas Dollinger


Photos and text © by Andreas Dollinger