1/72 Supermodel Mb339

Gallery Article by Massimo Ginesi


Here are some pics of my Mb339 a from Freccce Tricolori, the aerobatic team of Italy.


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The kit is 1/72 from Supermodel and it is built from the box except for the seats that are completely scratchbuilt. The little pilot is from the Hasegawacrew set, with some modifications to the arms.

I painted it with Tamiya acrylicfor the blue and Testors enamel aluminium (normal, not metalizer). I used the kit decals that weren't that bad, also for the green, white and red color stripes under the wings and I give a final coat of Tamiya clear gloss.

I mounted the plane on a stand made of wood and acrylic rod and on the base I put a little arrow made with plasticard and coloured withthe 3 Italiancolours.

Massimo Ginesi


Photos and text by Massimo Ginesi