1/72 Esci F-16

Gallery Article by Patrick Heeren


In 1992 the F-16A coded FA 25 was painted in a special scheme to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of 349 SQN BAF.  The design combined the first and ,at the time, last aircraft flown by this squadron.  On the underside a "goedendag" , a medieval weapon and the sqn's insignia was painted.  On the tail the sqn's crest was painted, copied at full size from the crest displayed outside of the base at Beauvechain, Belgium.

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The kit is the ESCI F 16 Dessert storm witch comes with the extended ECM housing so no modification was needed.  Although with some fit problems in the cockpit areas all came good in the end. 

The DACO decals are good, but difficult to apply, especially the Spitfire.  This broke up, but with some puzzling I've managed to save it and get a good finish.  In order to show the underside as well, I decided in the early stages to build a flying model.  After completing the assembly I drilled a hole in the exhaust and later placed a brass rod in it.  The stand was made out of MDF and a mirror tile was placed at an angle.  So now one can see the top and bottom at the same time.

Patrick Heeren


Photos and text by Patrick Heeren