1/48 Hasegawa A-7E

Gallery Article by Scott Snow


Ever since I saw pictures of VA-72's brown camouflage scheme I knew that I needed to save my Hasegawa 1/48th scale A-7E until I could find the appropriate decal sheet.  A couple of months ago I finally found the decals at CRM Hobbies in St. Louis, MO.  It is a Superscale sheet, and the only offering in 1/48th scale of this attractive Desert Storm scheme.  

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This paint scheme was applied to the squadron's CAG bird, and was painted as the squadron was headed home after the war.  This scheme not only commemorated the Gulf War victory, but it signified the last time the venerable "SLUF" would drop bombs in anger.  The model kit is a classic and unlike many of Hasegawa's Navy jet releases, the A-7E was a pleasure to build.  Parts fit was nearly flawless, and the level of detail exquisite.  

I used Testor's Acryl and airbrushed using a Badger Anthem airbrush (the best airbrush I have ever used).  Since I could not find Federal Standard colors for this scheme, I used poetic licence, and approximated.  Before applying the decals, I sprayed several thin coats of Future.  After allowing the future to dry overnight, I applied the decals using Micro-Sol.  I was originally concerned that all of that clear carrier film on the Desert Storm logos was going to cause silvering problems.  My fears; however, were completely unfounded.  When the decals dried, I could find not a hint of silvering anywhere.  I wish all my decal jobs went as well as this one.   

Scott Snow


Photos and text by Scott Snow