1/48 Monogram Me-262A-1a

Gallery Article by Wayne Hui


This model was completed in 1997.  The kit cost $12.00 CDN plus $13.00 CDN for the Eduard photoetched set.

The model has rescribed panel lines.  An Eduard photoetch set 48-153 was used to enhance the model.  The photoetch set included a complete cockpit with photoetch seat, landing gear doors, main landing gear bay spars and ribs, and a piece of PE for the open engine nacelle bay.


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The model was painted using Gunze arcylic paint.   Color scheme on the top surface is the two tone greys (RLM 74 and RLM 75) used during May to latter part of 1944 in some Kommando units.   As in most cases, the bottom is RLM 76.   This color scheme, as indicated in my reference books, was said to be discontinued on Me-262 in very late 1944 and certainly not used in 1945.

Decals came from Super Scale sheet 48-552.   Markings are for an aircraft in the Operational Test Detachment EKdo 262 at Lechfeld, Bavaria.   This early unit was manned by ex-Zerstorer pilots.  Osprey's Aircraft of the Aces book 17 has a whole chapter on the history of this unit.  It was said that one of these ex-Bf-110 pilot while training with a Me-262 fired the nose cannons to add to the braking effect while landing on the short airstrip.

The entire kit cockpit was replaced by the P.E. cockpit. 

Wayne Hui

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Photos and text by Wayne Hui