1/72 Revell Germany F-16

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


This is *yet* another RoG Viper I've just finished.  As with the Dutch one featured recently this is basically straight from the  box (even the ejection seat this time is from the kit!). 


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Decals for the Belgian aircraft  with the new USAF style tail codes are from the kit (one of SEVEN options in  the model).  

All drop tanks are from the kit, with the AIM-9L Sidewinders and CBU-87 cluster bombs being from the Hasegawa weapons set.

Finish is again Humbrol with a wash of Payne's grey oil paint and final  varnish coat from Polly-S.

Recommended model! An easy build and the best looking Viper in 1/72nd.

Drewe Manton


Photos and text by Drewe Manton