1/48 Airfix Fury

Gallery Article by Richard Eglen


The model is the 1:48 scale Airfix kit, purchased at a local model show for about $4.00!. That said, it took almost two months to turn it into a decent model, including fully detailing the cockpit. It was only when I'd finished that I realized that most of this detail remained unseen when the model was complete.


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The control surfaces are dropped and the model is fully rigged with fine piano wire. The model is painted in the drab camouflage finish of RAF around the time of the 1938 Munich crisis. I thought this made a change from the highly colorful interwar schemes of the aircraft generally seen on these aeroplanes. 

Not easily seen in the photographs is the black and white scheme of the undersurfaces - difficult to paint on a biplane! All in all this was a very enjoyable project - I hope one of the major manufacturers will eventually come up with state of the art model of this important RAF aircraft.

Richard Eglen


Photos and text by Richard Eglen