1/72 Revell Germany F-16AM

Gallery Article by Drewe Manton


This is the RoG F-16AM, built more or less straight from the box. It builds up very easily and is by far and away the finest Viper in 1/72nd scale.

The only additions I made apart from the stores was to add a turbine face in the back of the air intake and replace the ejector seat with a Neomega item (the kit seat is pretty nice, but I had a ready painted Neomega one to hand, and it saved me a job I dislike!)


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Stores came from all over the place! The wingtip AIM-120C AMRAAM are from kit, as are the drop tanks. Underwing AIM-9M Sidewinder and GBU-10 LGB's are from the new Hasegawa weapons sets, and the ALQ-131 ECM pod on the centreline is from the Heller weapons set.

The LANTIRN targetting pod is a resin item from Eagle Designs.

The model was painted with Humbrol enamels and Futured before decal application. All decals are straight from the kit. Weathering was done with grey oil paint and the final flat finish is Metalizer sealer with Tamiya flat base (don't ask. . but it worked!)

Great model, I have another nearing completion right now, and a great subject for my introduction to digital photography. Pics were taken with a Sony DSC-F505V digital camera.

Drewe Manton

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Photos and text by Drewe Manton