1/72 Italeri Bell 47

Gallery Article by Anders Nowotny


Some photos of a Bell 47 helicopter. The Swedish police used this type for traffic control and search-missions. This Helicopter is a Bell 47G-4 and registrated for the police from 1966 to 1979. After that it flew privately until 1987 when it crashed.

I built this from the Italeri 1/72 kit number 095, after having found some good photos in a booklet.


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There had to made some converting mainly inside the canopy like different instruments, adding a traffic control-camera, changing to singlecontrol and taking care of the items seen on the pictures. Obviously this flight was used for transporting some kind of Box in the passengerseat.

Exterior conversation took as long time, most significant I had to add a triangular storagebox,built out of plasticcard, just behind the engine and a rectangular plate for the text POLIS. Also the engine differs pretty much exspecially the exhaust system. This was quite a tiny job to get every thing right with new pipes and so forth.

All control-cables are added too, but you canīt see them that well in these pictures. Italeri makes two different kits so you have to use the no 095 to get the right landing-gear. No antennas can be used from the kit, due to complete different equipment used by the police.

All decals were produced by my self and printed on an Alps-printer.

Anders Nowotny


Photos and text Đ by Anders Nowotny