1/48 Hasegawa F-16CJ Block 50 Fighting FalconFighting Falcon

Gallery Article by Kevin Seinuk


This kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 F-16CJ Block 50.  


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Decals are from ASTRA. The sheet calls for the 3 tone grey scheme but I opted to use the 2 color grey scheme from the ASTRA Aviano sheets instead. I found some pics on http://www.defenselink.mil with some SP coded F-16CJ's and they were in the 2 tone scheme. So I copied that. 

The kit is built mainly out of box except for the following:

  • Cut and dropped the flaps.

  • Added needles for the sensors on the side of the radome.

  • Replaced the pitot tube with brass tubing.

  • ALQ-131 is from the Verlinden F-111 set

  • Static dischargers are cut from a scrub brush I found in the kitchen.

  • Painted wth Aeromaster acrylics.

  • ACES II seat is from Neomega.

I got the idea for cutting the flaps and adding static dischargers from Kelly Quirk's gallery entry also on ARC.

Kevin Seinuk

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Photos and text by Kevin Seinuk