1/48 Falcon Vac-Form Supermarine Spiteful

Gallery Article by Richard Eglen


The Supermarine Spiteful was the last of the Spitfire lineage. Although not a successful aircraft in terms of operational service, it possessed several innovative features that took the Spitfire concept to its logical conclusion. The prototype Spiteful was a hybrid aircraft possessing the Spitfire XIV fuselage mated to a redesigned laminar flow wing. The second aircraft, which flew in January 1945, had these new wings and a redesigned fuselage.


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It was immediately clear that the aircraft was very fast, due to the laminar flow wings, but it had severe handling problems only partly corrected with the larger tail. The wide track undercarriage was an improvement over the Spitfire and it was logical to consider a version of the Spiteful for aircraft carrier landing. This aircraft, named the Seafang, was put into service in a limited fashion.

The model shown on this page is from the 1:48 scale Falcon Vacform. Most of the interior and wheel wells are scratchbuilt. The propeller is from a Cooper details accessory kit and the tail from the Airfix Seafire.

The model is meant to represent the fifth production Spiteful used at Boscombe Down for weapons testing. It has the lengthened carburetor air intake and drop tank. Later this aircraft was fitted with Triplex rockets.

Richard Eglen


Photos and text by Richard Eglen