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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/144 Minicraft  Tu-22M Backfire B by Jeff Stoermer

1/144 Minicraft Tu-22M-2 by Dmitriy Shapiro

1/72 Italeri Tupolev TU-22M3 by  Evgenij Dedigurov 

1/72 ESCI Tupolev TU-22KD "Blinder" by Evgenij Dedigurov

1/144 Minicraft Tu-22M3 Backfire Part 1  by Dmitriy Shapiro

1/144 Minicraft Tu-22M3 Backfire Part 2 by Dmitriy Shapiro

Tu-22MKI "Stingray"  by Bud Sliger

Tu-22M2I Backfire  by Bud Sliger

1/72 Italeri TU-22 KDP  by Yuval Kizner

1/72 ESCI Iraqi Tu-22 by Ian Buick

1/72 Trumpeter TU-22 M3 Backfire Ce by Andy Davies

1/72 Trumpeter Tupolev Tu-22 M3 by Arne Goethe

1/72 Trumpeter Tu-22M3 Backfire by Rod Bettencourt

1/144 Minicraft Tu-22M Backfire-B by Alexis L. Baligod II

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