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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Trumpeter Mig 15 bis  (part 1) by Mark Hernandez 

 1/32 Trumpter MiG 15 by Rick Chin

1/48 Trumpeter MiG 15 Bis Chinese People Republic AF by Stéphane (#6) Marignac

1/48 Tamiya MiG 15 bis by James Douthwaite

1/48 Tamiya Mig-15 bis  by Simon Wallis

1/72 KoPro Mig 15 by Radim Schimmer

1/48 Tamiya Mig-15  Algerian Air Force by Federico Kunz

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15 by Parker Ewing

1/32 Hobbycraft MIG - 15 Fagot  by Luc Janssen

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15 bis and Hobbycraft MiG-17 PFU, plus RD-45 and VK-1F by Armin Knes

Israeli Air Force Models  by Yoav Efrati

1/72 Dragon MiG-15 bis Egypt AF  by Pierluigi Caccetta 

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15bis  by Richard Chafer

1/48 Trumpeter Mig-15uti by Busolini Massimo 

Fourth-Annual 1/72 Scale Tribute Czech National Day 2005 by Charles P. Kalina

1/48 Monogram MiG-15 by Rick Reinbott

1/48 Trumpeter MiG15-bis  by Li Weiguang

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15  by AEX

1/48 Tamiya MiG 15 bis by Alan Williamson

1/48 Tamiya MiG 15 Bis by Ercan Karakas

1/48 Trumpeter Mig-15 bis  by Gianni Cassi

1/32 Trumpeter Mig-15 bis NATO Code "Fagot"  by Steve Negley

The Three Little Migs 1:72  by Oliver Weston

21st Century MiG-15 upgrade project  by Ed Okun

1/18 21st Century MiG-15bis  by Andrew Stripling

1/72 Dragon MiG-15  by Juan Ramon Garcia Martin

1/72 DML MIG-15  by Pierre Christian Baudru

1/72 KP. Mig-15 UTI by Giuseppe Santaromita

1/48 Mig-15 UTI Trumpeter by Giancarlo Tavarone

1/32 Trumpeter MiG-15  by Gabriel Kalfopoulos

1/72 KP and Marfix kits conversion Polish Mistel by Piotr Dmitruk

1/32 Trumpeter Mig-15Bis by Rogerio Mota

1/48 Tamiya MIG-15 Bis by Sabri Sencer

1/48 Monogram Mig-15  by Serge Dompierre

1/72 Hobby Boss MiG-15bis  by Josip Žagar

1/48 Tamiya Mig-15 Bis  by Volkan Uzeler

1/48 MiG-15 Trumpeter  by Artur Oslizlo

1/48 Monogram Mig-15 bis by Peter Athanasopoulos

1/48 Revell MiG-15bis by Armin KNES

1/48 Trumpeter MiG 15 UTI Midget by Stanislav Lelko

1/48 Trumpeter SBLim-2 by Artur Oslizlo

1/72 Mig-15 UTI by Majd Abbar

1/72 Hobby Boss MiG-15 by Vladimir Bilbija

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15 bis "Fagot B" by Norman Gruss

1/48 Tamiya MiG-15 by Juan Jesús Moreno

1/72 Hobbyboss MiG-15UTI by Dragan Cvetic

1/32 Trumpeter MiG-15 bis by Victor De Jesus

1/32 Trumpeter MiG 15 Bis by Mike Pattison

1/72 Airfix MiG-15 by Mack Main

1/72 Airfix MiG-15 ‘Fagot’ by Dirk Schenk

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