1/48 Hasegawa IAI F-16 A "Netz"

 with IsraDecals new sheet

by A.Cagri Acikgoz



Here is an IAI F-16 A Netz with new IsraDecals sheet. When I saw the new decals at Hannants, I've ordered both A/B and C/D sets and it takes a week to arrive to Turkey. The kit is a kind of kitbashing from Hasegawa F-16 CJ with small mouth intake and Italeri F-16 B/D tail. There is no much to say about Hasegawa F-16 family and also quality of the IsraDecals , it is possible to find details about the decals somewhere around this site. I can only say that, they are beautiful, but if one thing is missing, it is the color inst. sheet similar to 1/72 sheets.

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Hasegawa kit is not a shake and bake kit, but it is not difficult to build, only problem area is wing roots, a little putty is necessary to blend them to fuslage. Actual kit was an F-16 CJ and did not have "A" tail, so I used Italeri F-16 B/D tail instead of kit one. ( An Italeri F-16D Barak with new IsraDecals is coming soon ;) ). After blending the new tail to fuslage with a litle putty, I added chaff&flare dispensers barrowed from an F-4.  I primed all parts with Tamiya primer, waited for 48 hours and wet sanded with 2000 grid sandpaper. Paints are from Humbrol,  #121, #116, # 90  over #127 and the radome is  #140

Camo is free hand with an Iwata Eclipse airbrush. After 24 hours, I overcoated the model with Dupli Color sprey gloss , 6 hours later, the surface was ready to decal. Isra Decals new "Netz" sheets are very thin but strong and comform well to recessed areas with a little help of Microsol. I didn't count how many decals I've applied to model, but this was the most time consuming process. When everything dry for one more day, I applied sprey matt coat.

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Weathering done by an acrylic wash and pastel dusts. A final matt clear coat protected everything. I drilled holes of discharges and super glued hairs of a shaving brush, painted black. Navigation lights first painted chrome and then painted Tamiya clear red and green.

I've ordered some Israeli weapons from a mail order company , but I did not received them yet , so the Netz is clear at the moment...


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Photos and text by A.Cagri Acikgoz