1/48 Hasegawa F-16N 

NSAWC (Part 1)

by Patrick Spitaels on Dec 9 2003



F 16 N from NSAWC in 1/48

My model is from Hasegawa, starting from a C box, added a Black Box cockpit from an A model as I didn't have anything else in stock...decals are from Twobobs sheet n 48-038 F-16N Old-School Aggressors.

As soon as Twobobs released their new decal sheet about those Falcons, I started my project!  I was checking what I had in stock, a Black Box cockpit for an A variant, where I would modify the instrument panel. 

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I paint the seat separately, always a thing I enjoy!  

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The making of this resin cockpit doesn't require much explanation, a careful painting job and dry fitting inside the fuselage; gives you good results.

For the paint, I used Testors paints and I weathered it with a light drybrushing of light grey / white and Tamiya smoke in each corner.  

The next point was the air intake, this C model didn't have the Big Mouth intake, so I used the normal one which was thankfully provided in my box!  To make it look better I decided to modify the intake channel, adding a plasticard piece which I put in place as a channel, I also simulated the engine blades at the end of it. 

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After that, some light putty is needed and it give a good result inside the intake!  I've added a pic showing the plasticard piece that I inserted.

Ok, next point was the wheel wells, a light detailing inside, taking as reference the new DACO book about the FALCON.  As usually I used plasticard, I was just looking to have something "close" the real one....

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The job on the fuselage, with some added putty at the junction fuselage / wings, nothing overwhelming with that....closing the gap to all the pylons that are not used; with punched pieces of plasticard; and adding a U profile on the Sidewinder rails.

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Watch for Part 2 of my article.

Hope you enjoy it !  


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Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels