1/32 Hasegawa F-5E

by Patrick Spitaels



F 5 E from VFC 13 !

This is my HASEGAWA model of the F5E in 1/32 scale, additions are :

- the Black Box cockpit

- and the decal sheet from TwoBobs.

Well, eveybody knows my love in those adversary schemes, especially since TwoBobs are in the decal market!

          So, I've had the F5 box in my room for a long time, just turning around...and one day the green light was " ON "... As Black Box was just releasing its new cockpit for the F5. I found one quickly and decided to finally have this decal sheet! Finding a good scheme was very difficult, they all carry great schemes....but I only had one F5...so I decided that "RED 01" was a good challenge for me! I'm actually working on the F16N, wearing the " Viggen camo"...a MARINE bird !    

The build:  

This time it began with the sanding of whole the kit and rescribing all the panel lines. Hopefully the F5 is not difficult for that. For scribing, I used the TAMIYA  scribing tool, which I've cut the end off, so it's easier to scribe in difficult areas.    

The cockpit:

Everybody  who's used to building resin cockpits, especially from Black Box, know all about the problem....lots of dry fitting is required.  But I have to say that this one was coming really great inside the plastic fuselage.  The detail level is very impressive, really a nice kit to build!  Paint gives it life....

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The fuselage:  

Nothing very difficult with this kit, careful assembly, dry fitting.....patience...and it comes very well!  One  remark I have on the TwoBobs decal sheet is that a picture showing part of the 01 wing, has some plate added on the center of the wing...I cannot explain what it is, but I just tried to reproduce them with plasticard.

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Not a lot of things to add, some wires as usual.  About the wheel wells, I didn't improved them...I know that they're not deep enough....but it's something you can't noticed when looking at the bird! I painted them using a TAMIYA spray can of WHITE primer, then used SMOKE to weathered them. Some touches with a black pen...and it's done !  

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Intakes covers:  

Well I would like to have a "colourful bird" for this one, so I decided to add the air intakes cover and the exhausts cover too !  

Intake covers:  

They are built using excess resin blocks, sanded in shape and glue on a plasticad sheet located inside the intake.  

Exhaust covers:  

Well, I used some surgical tape (white)......it fits very well, and gives a good structure when painted...you can use it to cover seats for cars, dashboard, harnesses....)  

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  The paint:  

Well...that's where the fight began....I first painted all the model in the lighter blue colour and let it dry completely. Then I masked all the model with TAMIYA TAPE and I drew the second camo on the tape.  Then I've just to cut at the lines.....and paint the second coat of darker blue. Paint chart was following the decals sheet instruction, using TESTORs paints.


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Well, there's not a lot of decals to add on this bird, just pay attention that for the numbers like RED 01 and the star on the tail, you should add some white decal under, I didn't do that and in the end the yellow / red decals are a bit "pale".....    


Same techinique for me, using Tamiya SMOKE in the panel lines.  


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  ACM POD:  

Well, nothing overwhelming, just cut a plastictube and make the beginning of it, like the normal pod. add a needle in the front and paint it red. that's another colourful addition!    


I  think that the little addition of the helmet is a great addition to the model, like if  it's coming for a new Bandit day !( looking around to see Maverick......)  

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The Hasegawa model is an easy build, addition of the BB cockpit is very important, and the scheme finished is so great !! So, if you're bored of grey schemes....check Twobobs range and build something colourful !!   Hope you enjoy the beast ! Have a great day all of you and God may bless you countries and families in these difficult times. Patrick   



Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels