1/72 Hasegawa F-16C Block 52

by Isaac Wu 



F-16s in the 5th Air Force have a figure of a Hawk painted on.  

This is a 1/72 Hasegawa F-16C Block 52 built OOB. It is from the Pacific Air Force 35th Fighter Wing based in Misawa AB. The tail code of this unit is WW, which stands for Wild Weasels or something. This could be a demonstration plane or a COís mount according to what I know. 

The kit comes in 2 decal choices for the 35th FW or the 1997 Tiger Meet at Shaw AFB. The details are excellent, small rivets and recessed panel lines; I did not add any aftermarket details like ejection seatsÖ There are 3 plastic pilots that come along with the kit together with additional set of Harm targeting pods, sparrows, 2 bombs and wheels that are extras or for earlier F-16s.


I used smaller air intakes that are found in early F-16s. Block 52s have smaller air intakes than the Block 50s because they run on different engines. 35th FW does not have Block 52s; I had originally planned this a/c to be from another air force but the custom decals failed. Anyway, the fit was ok except for some sanding and filling.  Hasegawa provides decals to detail the instrument dials, not for those who want nice details but its good enough for me. A pilot was also added into the cockpit, note that his helmet seems to be of newer design. Then the canopy is glued on using white glue. It isnít treated with Future, canít find it here in Singapore. If anyone knows what it is called here, please e-mail me J  The instruction manual requires the wingtip hardpoint to be changed to a newer one provided in the kit, this hardpoint is capable of holding Amraams. 
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This F-16 is armed with Aim-9L Sidewinders, Aim-120B Amraams and AGM-88 HARMs. It carries a 300 gal fuel tank on the bottom and a Harm Targeting System (HTS) pod near the air intake. The HTS pod allows better use of the HARM missile. After hand painting the a/c with Gunze enamels H305, 306, 307 and 308, I added some weathering effects like fading, patching up with slightly different colors and some chipped off decals. I show this a/c with retracted gears and closed canopy to display it Ďin actioní. During the school holidays, I worked on it everyday and took a month to finish it. The tedious part was painting it and then gluing the parts to the plane, then filling and patching up some parts.

 The kitís decals are great! They are printed very well and fit on snuggly to the surface. Many small decals in the kit provide as much detail as possible to the jet. During decaling, some decals were Ďlostí but not important ones. On one side of the air intake, there are emblems of the 5th AF and 35th FW. On the other side are Squadron badges of 13th and 14th Fighter Squadron. On the tail, there are 2 emblems of the PACAF on each side. The a/c no. ,AF 90-802 is specially shot close-up. 


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The stand for the plane is made from ice cream sticks and wooden chopsticks sprayed dark brown. The plane sits on 2 threads strung between 2 wooden chopsticks. The photos were taken in a study room using my dadís digital camera.

Overall, the kit is of high standard; typical of all Hasegawa kits and is worth my money. Any comments/feedback please e-mail isaacwu@singnet.com.sg.

Cya, Happy modeling!


Photos and text © by  Isaac Wu