1/48 Hasegawa F-16A

by Nick Kiriokos 

Photos by Bob Sanchez of Two Bobs Graphics



This is an F-16A Block 15 I did for the USAF Museum here at Edwards. It was used by the 6510 Flt Test Sq. in the early 1980's. The kit was built using the BB Cockpit and a combination of kit/Superscale decals for the basic markings and ALPS Printed decals for the tail no. (thanks to Matt Graham!) 


I thinned the gear doors to scale thickness and used small diameter steel tubing for the pitot and AOA probes. I also cut the Horizontal stabs back to "small tail" configurations and thinned the trailing edges for a scale appearance as well. The static dischargers are bristles from a tooth bush, but will be replaced as I think they're too large. I used Model Master paints except for the exhaust where I used original ALCLAD for the bright metal and new ALCLAD II "jet exhaust" for the turkey feathers. 

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Click on images below to see larger images

Photos and text by Nick Kiriokos