The many Falcons of Ted Taylor! 

by Ted Taylor

A selection of F-16's

most of these are Hasegawas 1-48th scale "an excellent kit"


ttviper1.jpg (25670 bytes)

This F-16A has Oregon ANG markings from Repliscale decals note that the walkway lines are all painted, I spray the light grey first
then mask the lines with narrow strips cut from wider masking tape before spraying the dark grey



ttviper2.jpg (24320 bytes)
F-16A. Montana ANG this time again from Repliscale


ttviper3.jpg (25178 bytes)
Torrejon based F-16A straight from the box


ttviper4.jpg (27243 bytes)
F-16C,from the 512th TFS the decals on this one are from the  kit


ttviper5.jpg (26482 bytes)

  F-16D from 480th TFS out of Spangdahlem, kit decals


ttviper6.jpg (26614 bytes)
F-16C from 526TFS decals from the kit all the grey paints used these models are the same,
it is my photography that is sometimes a little off colour


Some colourful Falcons

ttviper7.jpg (27639 bytes)
F-16A from Venezuela


ttviper8.jpg (27327 bytes)

A Dutch F-16A with Revell decals on a Hasegawa kit 


ttviper9.jpg (27504 bytes)
F-16C from 512 TFS using kit decals


ttviper10.jpg (22223 bytes)
There is a bunch of these  at Hill AFB.


ttviper11.jpg (25308 bytes)
This "A" was an early delivery to Israel


ttviper12.jpg (26544 bytes)
but this wasn't, the model has the DB conversion spine and is known as 'peace marble'


The last few I promise

ttviper13.jpg (27188 bytes)

from the box, note the pods carried on the intake lip


ttviper14.jpg (24200 bytes)


ttviper15.jpg (23123 bytes)
An Aggressor


ttviper16.jpg (26543 bytes)
Another Aggressor


ttviper17.jpg (25574 bytes)

And a "TOP GUN"

That's all folks! 

We'd like to take a moment, to thank Ted for letting us share his great F16 photos, and we'd like to invite our guests to stop by Ted's website.  It is truly a great place to visit!! 

Ted Taylor's Modelworks

Photos and text by Ted Taylor