Instruction Sheet Library


Resin detail sets.


PE detail items

Albatros Modelworks

Decal sheets.


Resin Detail Items.

Belcher Bits

Decals, kits and conversion sets for mostly Canadian aircraft, but also US and British aircraft as well


Black Box

Resin cockpit detail sets.


Decals    Resin

Custom Aeronautical Miniatures

Decals and resin detail items


Resin engine detail sets for 1/48 Me 109F/G and 1/48 Fw 190F-8.

Cutting Edge

Resin detail sets


Resin detail sets

Easy to install 1/48 WW2 USN resin wingfold sets 

Eagle Editions Ltd

Decals and resin conversions

Eagle Strike Productions

(under construction, check back soon!)




Photo-etched detail sets.

Experts Choice

(under construction, check back soon!)


E-Z Masks

Pre-cut canopy masks.

A complete list of their products can be found right here on ARC. 

Fine Molds

The Best PE seatbelts for 1/48 German WW2 aircraft


Resin and Photo Etched detail Items.

Fox 3 Studios

1/48 2 seat conversion for Monogram F-100D

Fox 3 Studios and Cutting Edge F-100C conversion set comparison


Model Kit manufacturer

Hi-Decal Line

1/48 and 1/72 Decals of mostly Eastern Bloc planes as well as a few Western planes

J-Bot Decals

High quality Alps printed decals of mainly Canadian aircraft 


A review of their 1/48 Me 109 two seat trainer resin conversion.  

Leading Edge Models

Decals involving mostly Canadian fighter plane topics...but not always  Canadian aircraft.

Maintrack Productions

Resin conversion set to convert the single seater 1/48 Monogram A-10 into a two seater prototype A-10N AW

(this set might be out of production)

Max Decals

1/72 and 1/48 decals sheets for a variety of planes from a variety of countries

Mike Grant Decals

Decals of a variety of interesting topics.

Model Technologies

PE detail items

Monogram Model Technologies

PE detail items


Resin detail items

Orion Model Accessories   

Decals and resin detail products.

Mainly modern jet items.

Photo Etched props that look like they are spinning

PS Model Parts

Resin P-40 conversion sets.

Seamless Suckers

Resin jet intakes


Resin detail items

Two Bobs Aviation Graphics

Decals for mainly jets 

True Details

Resin detail items

Ventura Hobby Products

Decal sheets for a variety of Israeli Spitfires and Mustangs.

Verlinden Productions

Resin  conversion sets.

Water Mark Decals

Aircraft decals of mostly Canadian Spitfires

Attention: Aftermarket Manufacturers (resin, photoetch, decals, etc.)

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