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1/72 and 1/48 Decal sheets for a variety of aircraft....mostly Eastern block subjects, but not always.  These decals are first rate quality.

1/48 Decal sheets

#48001  MiG-21 bis-SAU Fishbed N and MiG-21 bis Fishbed L

7 different aircraft including the Soviet AF 1989, Ukrainian AF1992, two planes from the Polish Navy 1994, Yugoslav AF 1993, Croatian AF 1993, and East German AF 1978. 

#48002  F/A-18A/C/D(CR)

Five F/A-18's including a Kuwaiti F/A-18C of the 25th Sqn. from the Kuwait City Airbase.  A Desert Storm USMC F/A-18A 162465 VE/12 with VMFA-115 "Silver Eagles" that was deployed to Saudi Arabia in January 1991.  A USMC F/A-18D(CR) 164679 CE/00 from VMFA(AW)-225 "Vikings" out of MCAS El Toro Calif in 1993 (with false canopy) and the decals are included on this decal sheet.  A USMC F/A-18A 163180 DW/01 with VMFA-251 "Thunderbolts" out of MCAS Beaufort, SC from 1993.  And finally an F/A-18D(CR) 164866 WK/501 with VMFA(AW)-224 "Bengals" out of MCAS Cherry Point, NC in 1994.  

#48003  SU-27 Flanker B

5 Aircraft can be made from this decal sheet, although  there are only stencils for one jet.  Jets that can be done with this sheet include a Russian/USSR plane stationed in Poland with "kill" marking denoting live missile firings.  A Russian jet with a shark mouth on each side of the plane.  A plane in either Soviet or Ukrainian markings...depending on which year you choose to depict this particular aircraft.  And finally a Chinese Airforce SU-27 from Hainan Island in China.   

#48004  F-18 A/C

3 Aircraft can be made from this decal sheet including an F-18A with VFA-127 "Desert Bogeys", US Navy in Iraqi Fulcrum Aggressor with a sand / brown desert paint scheme, but the really cool part is the little Iraqi flags at the top of the vertical Stabilizers.  And an F-18C with VFA-192 "World Famous Golden Dragons" with the US Navy aboard the USS Independence in the Pacific Ocean in 1994. And  a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-18A.  This F-18A Hornet "Cobra" with No3 Sqn., No.81 Wing out of Williamtown Air Base, New South Wales in October 1987 with a big Cobra snake mouth under the nose.   

#48005  MiG-17F/Lim-5 Fresco C

This decal sheet has 6 decal options including one Israeli, two Polish, tow Egyptian and an Angolan MiG-17.The Israeli MiG-17 is the Syrian MiG-17FFresco C No. 1041 that landed in northern Israel on Aug 12th, 1968.  One of the polish planes is  for a tpecial scheme that was applied for the last flight in PAF service.  At Modlin AB on July 12th 1993.  

#48006  F-18 Stencils

This decal sheet has stencils for F-18's....enough stencils in fact for 2 complete planes. 

#48007  Israeli F-4E, RF-4E, F-4E(S) and Kurnass 2000

This is a decal sheet for all you Israeli Airforce fans out there.  This decal sheet will permit you to build 1 of 8 Israeli F-4E's including 3 that flew during the Yom Kippur War in October 1973....one of which was one of the 36 planes supplied by the US and this plane flew in SEA camo. 

For Stencils it is recommended you use stencils from Hi-Decal Line sheet 48008.   

#48009    MiG-15 Bis Fagot B.  

This sheet comes in 1/72 and 1/48 and includes markings for a Soviet Ace and markings for the Soviet Aerobatic team as well as an East German plane and more. 

#48010    SU-17M4R/-22M4 Fitter

This decal sheet includes among other things....a mild Tiger scheme as well as somewhat of a Hot Rodder Flame Job scheme.

#48011    Su-17M4 Fitter K

The decal sheet includes markings for 6 different planes and stencils for one plane.  These planes are all from the Russian Air Force.

#48012  Su-7 Fitter A 

This decal sheet permits you to make 1 of  7 different planes and stencils for one plane.  These planes are from Soviet, Egyptian, Polish, Afghan, Syrian and Algerian Air Forces.   

#48013 MiG 29A/B/CG Fulcrum A 

7 Aircraft can be made from this decal sheet.  Jets that can be done with this sheet include Polish, Cuban, German Yugoslavian, Indian and Iranian.  One of the Polish MiG 29A's that flew against American planes in "Eagles Talon '97" has some modest Tiger Stripes at the tops outside of the vertical stabilizers.  The German MiG 29G has a Scorpian below the canopy on the left side of the fuselage.  The red/white and blue national insignias of the Cuban plane are quite eye catching as are the markings for the seldom depicted Iranian MiG 29.    

#48014 F-86D/L Sabre Dog 

This decal sheet comes in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.  It will permit you to build three of 4 different F-86D/L's.  The 4 decal options include 2 from the Greek Air Force and one from the Phillippine Air Force and one from the Royal Thai Air force.  I'll do a full review when I receive the decal sheet and page one of the instruction sheet.

#48015 MiG-29 UB Fulcrum B  decal sheet for 7 different airforces including Polish, Russian (Sharks Mouth markings), East German, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Peruvian.  Painting options include everything from a 2 tone gray upper surface to a 3 colour Green/Brown/Tan paint scheme and everything in-between.

#48017  F/RF-84G Thunder Jet 

This sheet includes marking for 4 aircraft......2 from Denmark, 1 from Iran and one from Yugoslavia.  

#48019 F-84G Thunder Jet

This decal sheet permits you to make 2 different planes.  These planes are from France and Greece.   

#48020  F/RF-84G Thunder Jet

1/48 and 1/72 F/RF-84G Thunder Jet decal sheet#48020 MiG-19 PM Farmer E  

This decal sheet permits you to make 1 of  6 different planes.  These planes are from Soviet, East German, Polish, Romanian, Czechoslovakian and Cuban Air Forces.   

#48022   SU-27 

1/72 and 1/48 SU-27 S / SK / UB Flanker B/C decal sheet 

#48021  F-14

1/72 and 1/48 F-14A Tomcat -- Iranian and US Decal sheet 

#48023  F-4

1/48 & 1/72 Rf-4C/E Phantom II decal sheet -- 7 different schemes from Iran, Spain and the USA


1/48 F-4D Phantom II Decals


1/48 F-4E / RF-4C Phantom II Decals


1/48 F-4E / F-4ETM / RF-ETM Phantom II decal sheet


1/48 F-86F-25/F-30 Sabre (F-40 wing) decal sheet 

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