Walkaround #704

Airbus A380

Reference photos by Scott Brown

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These photos were taken at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. The Airbus A380 visited Australia as part of QANTAS's 85th birthday celebrations. In honour of the event the aircraft had QANTAS the spirit of Australia painted on the fuselage sides and had the QANTAS kangaroo emblem painted on each engine nacelle as well as having the winglets painted red, basically the scheme that it will carry when ot goes into service with QANTAS in 2007. The only difference to what will be the service schem is the tail which, when in service, will be painted red with the kangaroo in whote. While the aircraft was in Brisbane John Travolta, who has the role of QANTAS's international ambassador, had the privelege of being allowed to take the controls of the Airbus for a circuit around Brisbane.

While not technically a walkaround I thought these photos may be of interest to fellow ARCers. 

Scott Brown

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Photos and text by Scott Brown