Walkaround #621

Alouette (RSLAF - Sierra Leone)

Reference photos by Greg Buckley

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These photos were taken in Sierra Leone in early 2004.  The RSLAF air wing currently operates 1 x Hind, 1 x Allouette and 1 x Westland Commando fitted out in the VIP role.  The Hind is in Deep repair at the moment but was used with great success during the war; the Allouette is used for liaison, evac, and troop insertion.  The Commando is outfitted as the Presidents personal aircraft; it was a gift from the Qatar government and is the plushest Sea-King that I have ever seen!  A Puma is due to be delivered soon to give extra lift capacity here.  With the state of the road network and the size of the country it will be a needed bit of kit. 

Greg Buckley

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Photos and text by Greg Buckley