1/32 IAF F-15I Ra'am conversion set

Product # IC-32019 for $38.00 for Tamiya F-15E kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Feb 25 2010


This new conversion set from IsraCast permits you to convert the Tamiya F-15E into a IAF F-15I Ra'am.  This set contains 25 resin parts and 2 pages of instructions to guide you through the conversion process step by step.  This set was mastered by the very skilled modeler Netanel Deri.

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There are quite a number of differences between the F-15E and the Israeli F-15I.....some are tiny items and some are quite prominent. This set makes the conversion so easy and painless.  The resin parts are finely crafted and include wonderful crisp detail and recessed panel lines.  You will be required to do some surgery in the way of cutting to add these parts, but that is to be expected when doing this sort of conversion.

The 2 pages of instructions guide you through the installation process with pictures and text to help you complete this conversion. 

IsraCast/IsraDecals also has a selection of publications devoted to the Israeli Air Force including their F-15I Ra'am in IAF Service book. 

This is a beautifully done conversion set and you will not be disappointed and with this set, you'll be able to build an accurate 1/32 F-15I.

I would like to thank IsraCast for providing me with this review sample.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford