1/72 UH-1 D FACH H-92

by PanzerPaulo Araya



What I present to you is the mythical Huey as it served in the Chilean air-force (FACH), during the 1982 ferry flight from the Atacama desert (north of Chile) to Punta Arenas (south of Chile.... check it on a map... hell of a flight).  The kit was made with no aftermarket what so ever and hardly any scratch-made pieces were used.  The paint path has taken from the Multimodel 'IROQUIOS' dossier, and the colors used were 63,65 and 119 Humbrol, all covered with 'Future' floor wax. 

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The Huey's had been in the FACH inventory since 1970 and marked a milestone in the helicopter force, it took part in the rescue of the Uruguayan rugby team lost in the Andes in 1972 during an tragic plane crash (13 October) and were only rescued on the 22 of October by two Chilean Hueys operating way above their service ceiling, and were ready to fight, armed with rocket launchers and .50 cal guns during the '78 crisis with Argentina. 

Today they still fly on a regular basis on rescue missions and are the back bone of the FACH's helicopter force.


Photos and text by PanzerPaulo Araya