US Nationals Juniors 2007

by Iain Matheson



I've submitted this article because Dan's Mon-key would be angry with me if I didn't.  We met Steve at ARC in Atlanta and spent a fair amount of time with him at KC so I knew I had to get him a report of some sort!  He would want to know how Geoff (my son) fared.

Geoffrey and I attended the US Nationals in Anaheim and he had a very successful trip. He managed to walk away with 3 first place awards as well as a second and a third.  He also received "Best of Show" in Juniors.  He entered 5 items in 4 categories and they were a V-2 in Miscellaneous (second), a M151 "Mutt" in Military Vehicles (first), a Skyraider in 1/48 (first) a FW 190 D-13 in 1/72 (third) and a Corsair in 1/72 (first and Best of Show). 

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We also had the chance to see some familiar faces and get some great shopping in which is always great.  We attended the Planes of Fame / Yanks Air Museum tours and saw many warbirds for the first time.  What a great tour that was!  We also managed to get in a ball game (Blue Jays and Angels) and Disneyland.  I had about $1.50 left in my pocket when I got home!


Photos and text by Iain Matheson