US Nationals 2007

Pics from Thursday Aug 23

by mclents from the ARC Air Forums


The model room (That's Mr. Koster himself that I inadvertently caught in the pic


Just got back from my first day of Nats attendance. It's a beautiful venue with some good, informative "How to" symposiums. The hotel is beautiful, well appointed. Each of the rooms, including the symposium, vendor and model room are equipped with a cold water station and glasses. A nice touch for the heat out here lately. Although all the rooms are air conditioned and quite comfortable. The vendor room is packed with models and model deals. I picked up the new Eduard Bf-110. It was 1 for $50 or 2 for $75. My brother went with me, so we picked up two. $37.50 is a great price for what looks to be a beautiful kit. I personally also pre-ordered Jerry Crandell's new book on the 190D. If you like that plane- it's a gorgeous must have book.  A great companion for the Green Hearts book.  And Bill Koster got spread a bit of my wealth by having the conversion kit for the RF-101 and the P-47H.  It's set up for it looks like the Tam or Hase 47 as the vacuformed airframe has recessed panel lines. I noticed there's no "instruction" sheet in the bag so I'll have to ask Bill about that.
The model room is filling fast with beautiful displays of our fellow modelers craft. It's a big room and imagine it will hold a couple of thousand entries. All I can say is gawd bless the judges if they can separate winners from the rest. There are some beautiful things, especially in the armor group.  I don't build armor, but there sure are those that can.  I will be traveling back to Anaheim the next two days so suspect there will be lots more to enjoy. 

Anyway, a few pics-

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Photos and text by mclents