1/72 Hasegawa "Blue Falcon"

by Youri Dehouck



This plane is the reason why I started modeling.  I saw a model of this plane at an airshow a few years ago.  What started my interest in Fighter planes especially the F-16 in Belgian Air Force service.  This Hasegawa viper is an easy build.  Decals are the old ones from Daco.  These decals are so old that they desintegrated in a thousand peaces the moment they hit the water.  I brushed a coat of Microscale Liquid Decal film on them, problem solved.  For the blue color I used Daco's paint PA03 made by Xtracolor.  Conclusion an easy build with decals from hell, but a great result, as I may say this myself.


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Photos and text by Youri Dehouck