1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk IXc

 by Jay Boutin



This is my first submission, hope you all like it.  I started this one in July '06 shortly after my son was born so over the last 11 months I have slowly pieced together this kit.  I finally finished it last weekend.  An excellent kit and I loved every minute of building it.  It represents the RCAF 403 aircraft Fl/LT Douglas Lindsay flew on July 3, 1944 when he shot down three Bf-109s for his 4th, 5th and 6th victories to become an ace.  He finished WW2 with 7.5 victories and actually got two more in Korea flying Sabres!  I have been in contact with Mr. Lindsay and later in July 2007 I plan on meeting him and presenting him with this model.

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I added an Ultracast seat and side door and AM decals.  This was the first time I airbrushed D-Day stripes (which were fun to do) and since I love D-Day stripes on aircraft I plan on doing more!


Photos and text by Jay Boutin