1/72 Monogram B-1B

Gallery Article by Fernando Dias


Rockwell B-1B Bomber "Apocalypse" made by Fernando Dias (Portuguese modeller)

I intended to use the 1:72 Monogram kit which I had in my collection, and to build it, I intended to do some modifications.

In 2002 Tiger Meet at Beja in Portugal, I had the pleasure to see the B-1B Bomber, and I was impressive how Big it was.  I spoke with a member of the crew and he told me some special information to detail my model.  The airframe I chose to model was a 128 Bomber Squadron,B-1B 85-0092 "Apocalypse" of the Georgia Air National Guard.


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Where should I begin?...
Since I decided to turn the Monogram prototype kit into a production model, I needed to investigate on the web, what needed to be done. 

After that, I removed the optical-turret, cut the original lounge chairs and replaced with others made of Evergreen plastic sheet.  I added lots of cockpit framing, boxes, wiring, buttons and more scratch things, based on web research and a little on make believe.
I wanted my weapons bay all the way open, so I had to cut and sand to modified it.
The interior bomb bay was detailed with Evergreen sheet, wiring and other things to represent the real.

I made aerials, vortice generators, etc out of sheet plastic.  The radar nose, was detailed, and the aceed engine door open.  My warning, weight the nose down a real good.  To test for center of balance with the wings fully swept, it makes a big difference.

For painting I preferred  Tamiya Acrylic paints, XF-53;XF-54 and XF-24.  I made the decals in a jet printer, but the nose nose art, I have painted myself.  With the paint and decals complete, a final coat of  Marabu Aqua Mattlack.

I enjoyed it immensely to built this kit, and it looks very good in my collection.

Fernando Dias

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Photos and text by Fernando Dias