1/72 Fujimi F/A-18D Hornet

Gallery Article by Thomas Neuss


1/72 F/A-18D, Fujimi with some extra detailing and marking (Verlinden detail set and Orion Model Decals)  

The F/A-18D is the two seated but fully mission capable variant of the well known Hornet (it is not a trainer like the “B”). I wanted to build such an F/A-18D as flown from the USMC.  

The kit
It is the standard Fujimi kit of the F/A-18D Hornet (“Bengals”). The Fujimi-kit of the Hornet is not bad, but I found some fitting problems in the mid-fuselage section, so i had to fill and sand. But all in all a good kit, I think. 


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The Building 
Building the kit starts with the cockpit area, and here I used the ejection seats from the Verlinden-set and the Verlinden photo etch parts for the canopy framing and some cockpit detail. 

Than I lowered the flaps and slats, using the kit parts and some sheet and putty, but this is not a real problem with the F/A-18 and it gives the kit a nice note. 

As I wanted to show my F/A-18D in a SEAD (suppression of enemy air defense) configuration I took the different stores from Hasegawa weapon sets. The aircraft is armed with two Sidewinders, one Amraam, one Harm, one GBU-16 and a targeting pod. 

For marking of the aircraft I used the superb Orion Model ORD72000 VMFA(AW)-225 Vikings decal sheet. This sheet allows to make the CAG-bird of VMFA-225 with a really nice scheme.

Painting and Decaling 
I used Gunze colours and my airbrush and oil paints for the weathering, because I was
 building a “used” aircraft. For fixing the colour before weathering and to fix the decals I used some layers of future (actually I used the German version: Aerdal Glaenzer) and a last layer of Gunze flat clear.

I hope you like it  

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Thomas Neuss


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