1/32 Kitty Hawk OV-10C Bronco

Gallery Article by naioh2 FC Saran S. on Mar 11 2021



There are some photos of my RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force) OV-10C Bronco 1/32 scale from Kitty Hawk. Thai was received 32 OV-10C from US for 2 batch. First batch 16 aircraft arrived in 1971 and stationed at Wing 2. Second batch 16 aircraft were arrive in 1974 and stationed at Wing 53. In 1975 the OV-10C from Wing 2 were transferred to 411 Sqn. , Wing 41 Chiang Mai , and in 1991 all of OV-10C were transferred to 411 Sqn. The OV-10C were withdrawn from service in 2004.

This aircraft was serial no # 158406 she was in the first batch and stationed in 411 Sqn. Wing 41 Chiang Mai with ID # 41111. After withdrawn from service in 2004 she were given to Philippines Air Force.

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This model was out of box but little detail up in the cockpit. I think Kitty Hawk made the great kit, the kit detail was good there was RTAF decal in the box but still need small correction to convert to Thai model such as the iron-bar under fuselage, some antenna and probe position. I chose to armed with Mk.82 500 lb Bomb x2, 5 inch Rocket Pod x2 , 2.75 inch Rocket Pod, 260 L external fuel tank x1 and also M-60C 7.62 mm Air Machine Gun x 4 (in the fuselage fin).

I do hope that you will enjoy with the kit. Thanks.

naioh2 FC Saran S.

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Photos and text by naioh2 FC Saran S.