1/72 Academy F-16C Turkey Tiger Meet

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet on Mar 10 2021



Lockheed Martin F-16C Turkey Tiger Meet

    My last built model is an ACADEMY 1/72 Turkey Air Force F-16C for Tiger Meet in 2015 in Turkey at Konya AB. I used an Academy kit which has parts to represent european F-16 versions (for example brake parachute in an housing under tail, IFF antenna on nose). This plane is a F-16C block 40 92-0014  from 192 Filo (squadron) based at Balikesir AB. It shown a particular scheme for NATO Tiger Meet 2015. This awesome painting was also kept for Tiger Meet 2016 in Spain at Zaragoza AB (minor changes are pilot named and mechanical crew addition plus modification NTM15 by NTM16 on lower stabilizers). So I used aftermarket decals coming from a polish manufacturer named ModelMaker. The decal sheet propose 2015 or 2016 paintings.

    Regarding color I used Humbrol flat black 33 for upper fuselage and Gunze grey H305 for lower fuselage. Decals are very accurate and it is a long process to fit all tiger stripes, some are difficult to fit particularly for line edges for wings and fins. For example I painted in Humbrol Orange the flaps line for rear fins. I added slight juice on lower fuselage but as a demo plane is always clean. I finished the kit with a combination 50/50 of flat and gloss Varnish from Mig products.

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    I added external smoke sidewinders at the end of the wings. I used do by myself modified sidewinder missiles. I also added two wing tanks with tigers stripes marks and one AIM-9X air-air IR training missile on left wing.

    I hope you like my model and pictures with 2015 and 2016 patches. I had the great opportunity to see this plane in action in 2015 at Konya AB (see my own pictures taken over there) and also the year after in 2016 at Zaragoza AB during spotter trips. In the two cases all locals and foreign spotters were very welcomed by Turkish Air Force and Spanish Air Force. Probably best Tiger Meets that I had ever done.  

Tiger Tiger Tiger ! The war cry

Jean-Charles Goddet

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet