1/76 Airfix PanT34

Gallery Article by Didier Mayeur on Jan 8 2021

Silly Week 2021



This is the PanT34. At the end of the Stalingrad battle, the German army mechanics had a damaged Panther, from which the turret was completely out of order. They also had a captured Russian T34, with an intact turret but a too much damaged chassis. So, they managed to assemble the T34 turret on the Panther’s chassis. 

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This strange prototype, nicknamed PanT34 and registered as R01, was used in operation, especially with a great Panzer ace who used it in Russian lines : the russian soldiers, identifying the T34 turret did not fire on it ! But once, another great Stuka ace from the SG2, flying his Junkers 87 G2, identified it as a real T34 and made a friendly fire… That’s why the propaganda did not tell anything about that story and why we do not have any photo left : it was impossible to say that the greatest Stuka aces had killed the greatest panzer aces !

The PanT34 is build with a 1/76 Airfix Panther, with the turret of an Airfix 1/76 T34. It has been painted by airbrush in Panzer grey and received after that a white winter camouflage painted with a brush. Decals are from my spare box…

Enjoy !!!

Didier Mayeur

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