1/72 Revell Bv264 Glide Bomb * Matchbox Diamond T

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Sept 22 2020



OK, so this is more of a vehicular than aviation subject. But I had this Revell Bv264 in my spares box - and what to do with it? I mean, anybody with a tank transporter would just slap a tank on the trailer. I thought it would make a good pairing for that period of WWII that I find so interesting: end of the War in Europe when the Allies were scrabbling around trying to sweep up whatever German technology and experts might be useful for them. 

Fascinating time - and not much documented. The fact that there is a Bv264 in the Cosford RAF Museum means that something like the scene I depict here in model form must have really happened.

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As you can see from the Revell boxtop, the Glide Bomb was paired with an Fw190 (which I used earlier). Both kits are quite nice - as is the old Matchbox Diamond T. For transport I just made up a cradle built from matchsticks with thin cord tying everything down. The base is from a plastic case originally for a watch.

In case you're wondering, the Bv Bomb was never used operationally although it did get to the testing stage. I have no idea if its technology was actually useful to the Brits but clearly it and other German designs of guided munitions pointed the way to our future.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry