1/72 Italeri F-22 Raptor

Gallery Article by Ashish Velankar on Sept 25 2020



Wanted to have a 5th generation fighter as a part of my collection and got this Italeri Raptor kit. While the kit was detailed in terms of attention to details, there is a challenge when it comes to joining the front and back upper fuselage sections. The curvature of both the parts does not match and one has to do a lot of sanding to make the seam behind the cockpit disappear. 

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After hours of sanding and refitting, I was able to hide the seam to a minimal level. This is the only problem with the kit. Otherwise, All parts fit well and there is an option to keep the weapon bays open/closed. I opted for the closed configuration and displayed the AMRAAM's on the weapons trolley (part of Hasegawa 1/72 ground support crew kit).

The model was painted with Fevicryl acrylic colours mixed with silver acrylics to get that 'Have Glass' effect. The canopy was tinted with clear brown glass colour.

You can check out more photos of this model my Instagram handle ashish_velankar_scalemodels.
Enjoy the photos !

Ashish Velankar

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Photos and text by Ashish Velankar