1/72 Hobbyboss Me109E

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Sept 8 2020



Another simple diorama using a Hobbyboss Easy Assembly kit which again proves to live up to its label - although why the boxes of these kits also warn they are only suitable for people 14+ is quite beyond me ignorant as I am of modern marketing practices. The box proclaims the kit to be a tropicalized version but in fact a normal air filter is also included as well as a longer tropical example.

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Figures here are the most excellent, hard plastic Preiser products showing the variety of poses and nice accessories included like the period deckchairs. The (French) truck is an old resin item from some long forgotten manufacturer. Bomb trolley was scratchbuilt many years ago before Academy included one in their Luftwaffe refueling set.

Base is IKEA decorated with old decals some of which must be fifty years old and still good apart from some yellowed varnish. Paint was Tamiya acrylic.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry