1/72 Academy B-29 "FiFi"

Gallery Article by JD on Apr 7 2020



Hello Gang- Here is The Commemorative Air Force B-29 "FiFi" The kit is the Academy B-29 in 1/72.  It is pretty much out of box except for a few custom made decals. The exterior of the real "FiFi" is painted to prevent corrosion because of its busy airshow schedule- thus the painted surface. 

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The kit is a challenge with many poor fitting parts, poor location engineering and directions, and wing warp. I used square brass tubing in the wings to prevent future warp.

Antennaes were left off per the customer.  Canopy mask highly recommended, and lots of weight in the nose or you'll have a tail sitter!

Hope you enjoy!


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Photos and text by JD