1/72 Revell Su-27SM

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on Oct 7 2019



The Su-27 Flanker is still the backbone of the Russian Air Force's air superiority fighter and this for much of the last thirty years. Although originally designed as a long-range air superiority fighter, the Su-27 has been developed to take on a variety of roles, including air-to-surface missions. Apart from Russia the SU-27/30 saw action in many other Air Forces, especially in third world countries.

The Su-27SM is an upgrade for the Su-27, with new radar and upgraded avionics. Enhanced multi-role capabilities have been added included the ability to carry a range of precision air-to-surface weapons. This variant has not been exported and is in service with the Russian Air Force only. Since the end of 2006, 24 Su-27SM fly at the 23rd IAP on the Tshemgij Air Base near the Sukhoi Plant at Komsomolsk. On December 12, 2007, the first three of another 24 Su-27SM were handed over to the 22nd IAP (Wikipedia). 

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This kit is a continuation of Revell's long tradition of re-releasing kits originally produced by other companies. This particular kit was originally by Zvezda. In the box are six grey sprues and a single sprue of clear plastic. 210 parts are included, which is great for a kit of this size. The kit is very well molded, no flash, no flaws. Surface detailing is extremely fine, engraved panel lines. 

For example the K36 ejection seat contains no fewer than six parts and for what I thought -as good as an expensive resin alternative. The cockpit is okay, could be a little more detailed. Building the rest of the kit is easy. All parts come together quite nicely. Only little filler is needed on wings and rudders. The instructions suggest the addition of 10 grams to the nose, but I take a little more.

The undercarriage is complex but very nicely detailed. You also get a very reasonable range of ordnance (which I did not use, because it is difficult to get photos from this aircraft with live ordnance)

  • 4 x R-73 (AA-11 Archer) infrared homing air-to-air missiles;

  • 2 x R-27ET (AA-10 Alamo D) extended range infrared homing air-to-air missiles;

  • 3 x R-27ER (AA-10 Alamo A) semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles;

  • 2 x R-77 (AA-12 Adder) active radar homing air-to-air missiles

  • 2 x KH-31 (AS-17 Krypton) air-to-surface anti-shipping/anti-radiation missiles;

A crew access ladder, a standing pilot, FOD guards for the engine intakes and four wheel chocks are included, which is a nice little bonus. Two decal options are provided:

  • Su-27SM 06, RF-92210, Russian Air Force, 2013 (dark and lighter blue scheme) and

  • Su-27SM 54, RF-93731, Russian Air Force, 2012 (blue-grey scheme).

The decals are well printed.

The nice display base comes from
coastalkits.co.uk. Thanks!

This is a well detailed and accurate model. It was an enjoyable build. Highly recommended.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text by Gerd Wilcken