My second CH-149 Cormorant

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Nov 6 2018



Airfix EH-101 with the Belcher Bits conversion

Can you believe we have had this "new" airframes near 20 years???? The Cormorant has proved itself over the years, saving multiple lives over the past two decades. Much more capable then the Labrador it replaced but MUCH harder for we the modellers to build.

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In 1/48 your only option is the Airfix EH-101 added to the Belcher Bits conversion. This is NOT a conversion for the faint of heart or novice builder. Its hard. Real hard. I did better (overall) then my first attempt at this a couple years ago. But in a couple ways the first attempt came out better. (Not many but a couple). The amount of kit plastic that is disposed of is astounding, and easy to screw up if you do not pay close attention to the instructions. In the end this one took me near a month to build with three complete off work sick days. Yes I was really sick.... In other will take time.

Hopefully the customer will like it. He wanted a representation of the 413 squadron airframe which was lost in 2006. Sadly 3 aircrew perished in the crash.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler