1/48 Zvezda Mil Mi-24A

Gallery Article by Federico Kunz on Feb 20 2018



Some months ago, I did tackle this one. Somehow I realized how much I liked this chopper when I did see the original version of the Red Dawn film. Back then, I had no idea. So, I remembered my local hobby shop had it in stock & got one.

From the box & a quick view inside, it was an impressive kit. I can generally state that detail is very good & it ends up being a great addition to your shelf. Somehow, a learning out of it is: if it says it stays open, leave it that way! Indeed, there is a chance to leave engines & other features visible. If you assemble engines & then try to close all panels, it won't work. 

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Putting the previous issues aside, the rest of the kit is a pleasant experience. Detail is very good for a kit of this scale. I believe that Zvezda has been a great choice for specific subjects, like this one. Decals went on without any issues. 

I did use an AllDiorama base for this one. Given that plus a little help from the great weather in Mexico City's Metropol Area, is that pictures got a little sense of realism to the scene. Hope you enjoy & cheers!

Federico Kunz

Photos and text by Federico Kunz