1/32 FLY Westland Wessex HC2

Gallery Article by Angelo M Picardo on Nov 24 2017



This is the FLY model of the Westland Wessex HC2 as flown by the Royal Air Force. It is a short run kit comprising of injected moulded plastic, resin, and etch.  The plastic has some nice refined engraved detail, and the resin parts are very nicely done.  There is plenty of scope for extra detailing to be added by the builder.

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I added detail to the main cabin in the form of wiring, plumbing, and various other bits of internal detail.  The kit supplies the troop seats as printed paper that the modeller has to cut out along with paper seat belts & etched buckles.  In the cockpit there is plenty of detail, and all I added were the fleece seat pads that were common to these helicopters, using Milliput.  On the outside I scratched built an intake grill using wire mesh from a sieve, as the kit only provides a resin FOD cover, and I also added some of the wires and piping using various gauges of wire and solder.

The model was painted using Xtra Color enamels. The model was pre-shaded first, and the camouflage colours were applied gradually to allow the shading to show through.  A panel wash of raw Umber oil paint was added.  The decals are mixture of the kit's and some from the spares box to achieve the scheme and markings. 

Angelo M Picardo

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Photos and text by Angelo M Picardo