1/72 Special Hobby Gnat, IAF E296

Gallery Article by Tom Thounaojam on Aug 15 2016

India Independence Day



Greetings, I always wanted to make this aircraft however getting the kit was difficult, I believe there were a vacuform one and Olimp pro gnat, it was next to impossible for me to get. 

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The Special Hobby kits are very nice little kits and with lots of extra parts and it sure is a bang for a money, and the kit was fairly easy to build however it doesn't come with Indian decals heard they are making a Indian one is that true? The paint was a bit difficult, I sprayed Mr. Color however whenever I tried to mask the paint would chip off which was quite frustrating.  Trying to fix it almost lost my sanity however I carried on the scheme am doing is E296 and was from 22SQN of the Indian Air force.  The aircraft is currently in the UK doing major restoration however they have not painted the whole tail section with yellow and black stripes. 

Also I would like to thanks my fellow modeller Ratish Nair for his invaluable inputs.

It is been a great joy building this aircraft and shared it on Independence Day,

Jai Hind

Tom Thounaojam (Imphal)"

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Photos and text by Tom Thounaojam