1/48 Kittyhawk MIG-25PDS Iraq "Hornet Killer"

Gallery Article by IvŠn Aceituno C. on July 15 2016



The Kit:
Humm what can i sayÖ.

I was so happy when this new tool variant of the Foxbat was announced two years ago, I picked one quickly, I was very very hopefulÖ

Nothing made me think what was waiting for meÖ.

As it advanced in its mounting I realized that the model itís full of errors.

The model is not worth the US$75 asking for it, so my recommendation itís NOT BUY this model and wait for the forthcoming new tooled AMK and ICM in 1/48 scale.

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Variant Choosen:
This itís the Mig-25PDS Foxbat variant from the Iraqi Air Force (IrAF), serial number 25211, piloted by Leutenant Zuhair Dawood, who, at the beginning of the Gulf War I on 1991, shoots down an US Navy F/A-18 Hornet using one of its R-40 Vympel (Codename ďAcridĒ).

I added some scratch details, reshape of the engine exhaust (incorrect for the PD Variant), also some work in the main wheel wells and landing gear, also I added some aftermarket upgrade sets like :

  • Neomegaís cockpit set.

  • Metalic landing gear.

  • Armoryís made wheels.

  • Armoryís Pitot tube.

  • Eduardís exterior Photoetched set.

  • Plusmodelís R-40 Missiles.

  • Aerobonus resin pilot (seated) figure

  • Photoetched ladder.

  • Eduardís intakes and FOD covers.

  • Linden Hillís Irakien decals.

For painting the model, I used different paints, with airbrush and brush, like:

  • Humbrolís Enamel Paint (interiors)

  • Alclad (Exhausts)

  • Vallejo Acrylics (Ejection seat, pilot figure and ladder)

  • Tamiya Acrylics (Fuselage)

  • Mr. Hobby Acrylics (Fuselage)

  • AK Acrylics (Varnish)

For weathering the model I used different techniques: Preshading, lights, washes, sponge paint chipping, pigments and some oils.

This stage itís the most entertaining for me so far, because the paint job gets ďliveĒ, especially when the final scheme itís monochrome like in this case.

Thanks to friends Christopher Holcomb, Mauricio Gonzales, Tito Costa and Oscar Ruf.

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